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Tuesday, April 08, 2003


"A Cold, Cold WISP"

"A Cold, Cold WISP"
An interesting profile on the 802.11 Planet web site of Navigata, a wireless ISP serving British Columbia and the Yukon. Two comments:

1. Navigata is using Teraspan's new trenchless method of installing fiber directly into street and sidewalk surfaces in urban areas such as Vancouver.

2. Navigata's communications links follow the railroads through cold, mountainous areas (the company originally started out years ago as BC Rail's internal communications network). The company has stayed with microwave in these areas because they found fiber was unreliable given floods that periodically wash away bridges between tunnels. (The fiber was installed on the bridges).

I think if they want to use fiber, they could avoid avalanche problems by using rugged self-supporting aerial cable such as that used by power utilities -- either OPGW (optical groundwire) or ADSS (all-dielectric self-supporting) cable. These cables could be used on spans of up to 3000 feet.


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