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Friday, April 18, 2003


FCC assembles 'great minds' to ponder America's broadband lag

FCC assembles 'great minds' to ponder America's broadband lag
Interesting article on The FCC assembled 'group of about 20 technology executives and academics' to ponder why the U.S. is 4th in broadband penetration (and soon to slip to 8th).

"A group of technology executives and academics meeting at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) blamed a variety of factors for a slow rate of broadband adoption in the U.S., including the cost of laying new fiber, regulations forcing competition for DSL and the lack of packaged applications and content."

As with most other U.S. broadband summits, there was more disagreement than consensus. No mention was made in the article of what other countries might be doing right that we could learn from.

Powerline broadband Amperion's CEO got in some good PR licks, saying his technology was the answer. In fact, his technology is potentially very compelling if it does what Amperion has hinted it will do. (I just wish their marketing department would get me the product info for our clients that they promised me a month ago!!)

Meanwhile, unwilling to wait on the FCC's great minds to solve their broadband access problems, the citizens of Laurinburg, NC press ahead in trying to actually make something happen. Article in the Laurinburg Exchange.


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