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Thursday, April 17, 2003


Fiber to the Dome ...

Fiber to the Dome ...
Mostly my day job consists of helping electric utilities deploy fiber, often for municipal broadband networks, but we do get some unusual challenges.

Since it looks like a slow day for press coverage of community broadband networks, here's some coverage of the kind of odd fiber optics challenge that comes my way every so often at work at Fiber Planners -- a proposed 1000 mile link across the Antarctic plateau between the U.S station at the South Pole and Concordia, a French-Italian station at Dome C. This link will give South Pole Station researchers much more reliable satellite communications 24 by 7. (The South Pole's earth station cannot see geostationary satellites in true equatorial orbits -- just a few near-obsolete satellites that have wandered out of their proper orbits).

1. BBC report

2. Wired News item

In response to a government appeal to industry for ideas on how to design such a link, we submitted a set of recommendations that were considerably different from the undersea cable concept that some large defense contractors had been suggesting. Specifically, our team recommended some of the same cable design and deployment concepts we'd used in Alaska and seen colleagues use in Siberia, Greenland, Canada and Svalbard, for a drop in projected costs of about 70%.


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