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Monday, April 14, 2003


Furukawa introduces new fusion splicer for FTTH work

Furukawa introduces new fusion splicer for FTTH work
1. Article in Light reading.
2. Link to Fitel product information. (Fitel is the brand name Furukawa uses for its' fiber products in North America).

I heard one splicer call this a "playstation" because of its' shape. The splicer is designed to be smaller and less expensive than traditional fusion splicer, making it easier to roll a technician to hook up fiber drops to individual homes using compact, cheap equipment. This comes at the cost of slightly higher splice loss (but still acceptable for FTTH use).

This could be very handy. One question that's been raised is whether users will want 2-axis viewing (this model offers single-axis viewing only). Another splicer's reaction was that with so many full-featured fusion splicing machines available still cheaply on eBay after the bust, he'd buy one of those instead.


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