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Friday, April 25, 2003


UK city gets cheaper broadband via power lines

UK city gets cheaper broadband via power lines

British utility Southern Electric launches its' second powerline broadband trial in Winchester following a successful trial in Scotland.

Powerline carrier technology using very slow signals (often <1 kb) has been used for decades for simple internal utility tasks such as sending relaying signals or reading meters. Powerline broadband -- carrying much faster traffic to multiple users, has been blocked by two major technical obstacles -- getting traffic around transformers and minimizing interference to or from radios and other electrical equipment. We know the transformer problem has recently been solved by several vendors; the big remaining question has been radio interference, so the following comment is significant:

"Previous trials of broadband via power lines by other companies have been dogged by technical problems, most notably interference from street lights and with emergency radio. The Southern Electric spokesman said the Scottish trials had been 'entirely successful' and that interference was 'not an issue'".

Good article in UK Web User.


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