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Wednesday, May 21, 2003


Every town considering FTTH needs an Annie

Every town considering FTTH needs an Annie

Annie Collins was a key grass-roots organizer in the Illinois Tri-Cities' (Batavia, St. Charles and Geneva) efforts to deploy a joint FTTH (fiber to the home) system. The response from the cable TV system became very ugly, deceptive and unprofessional (see our April 17 archive for more on this.)

Annie became known as "Annie 'Brokovitch' Collins" for her skill and determination in taking on the deceptive PR campaign and I understand she may be soon helping other towns in their battles.

A town building a FTTH network (or an older technology HFC - hybrid/fiber coax - system) traditional has needed several experts -- technical, legal, economic and marketing. In some cases, the most critical gap has been in the PR and grass-roots organizing area as the battles can get quite ferocious (just ask Provo and Bristol the kind of deceptive slander they've received). As soon as Annie gets her web site up, I'll be posting a link.

Other archive links to information on the Tri-Cities intitiative:
March 19
March 23, 25, 26, 28
April 2


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