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Thursday, May 08, 2003


A flurry of reports from Australia yesterday, courtesy of

A flurry of reports from Australia today, courtesy of

1. "Fibre optic in your lounge room"
A description of the FTTH (fiber to the home) system that Ericsson is promoting in Australia.

2. "Optic fibre cable at your kerbside"
"Tasmanians will be enjoying optic-fibre capacity direct to their house as early as next year, with the government promising cheaper phone calls, broadband internet access and greater home entertainment options." (Full article)

This system would be laid alongside gas lines being built throughout Tasmania. Whirlpool also carried a brief note about U.S. company Sempra Fiber Links' fiber in gas pipelines technology.

3. State of Victoria building its' own fiber network
The State of Victoria, impatient with the lack of competition and broadband access in Australia, will be laying intercity fiber links along railroad rights of way. (Maybe they should read my cautionary note today about fiber reliability along railroad rights of way)

4. Several articles on powerline broadband:
a. "Broadband data over powerlines comes closer"
b. "Power line broadband Internet access the solution?"
c. "Broadband over powerlines for NSW"
d. "Electrifying the web"

5. City of Adelaide to offer fixed wireless broadband in certain areas Article

6. Two articles on Austalian power utilities presence in the broadband market using their own fiber networks:
a. "Power companies branch into broadband"
b. "Utilities edge closer to offering broadband"

7. State of Victoria may link public facilities together using own network

8. Brisbane airport to offer Wi-Fi access thorughout the terminal


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