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Monday, May 05, 2003


Ripley Power & Light building municipal backbone

Ripley Power & Light building municipal backbone

Thursday's Lauderdale County Enterprise's lead story covered the fiber optic network Fiber Planners is designing for the city-owned power utility in Ripley, Tennessee. RP&L will be linking together all of its' facilities -- offices in the towns of Halls and Ripley, substations, water plant, wastewater plant and gas regulators for improved efficiency and faster responses to outages.

The Department of Homeland Security is also requiring much tighter control and surveillance of water facilities; some of the fiber capacity will be used for security systems.

Fiber links to water towers could be used in the future as backhaul links for organizations putting fixed wireless antennas on the towers.

RP&L is also extending a line from Ripley to its' office in Halls, so the network will also tie into the small cities of Gates and Halls.

RP&L is encouraging other state and local government agencies to use the fiber to enhance other local services. Fiber Planners designed the network such that schools, the local hospital and government agencies will have access to the backbone. Network access points have also been provided for economic development targets, such as industrial parks and major local industries.

RP&L has no immediate plans to enter the telecommunications or cable TV businesses, but is open to leasing fibers in the backbone to telecom or cable providers.

The article is not online, but I can send a copy to anyone who'd like one -- just drop me an e-mail.

(This is probably the friendliest town of the 60 we've worked in.)


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