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Saturday, June 28, 2003


"Consultant warns of fiber money pit"

"Consultant warns of fiber money pit"

"Elaine Davis' stated purpose in coming to Grant County, she said, was to inform the people about the PUD's Zipp network ..."

Reading on I note that:
"Davis works as a consultant for the Fair Competition Alliance, a consulting firm that represents telecommunications companies such as Qwest and Verizon."

Predictably, both Ms. Davis and her paymasters think Grant County Public Utility District's fiber to the home network is an awful idea.


(It's certainly comforting, if surprising, that Verizon and Qwest claim to be allied in supporting "Fair Competition"!)

Ms. Davis has been busy on behalf of her backers in the Northwest promoting their concepts of fairness:

-- testifying in favor of a bill to relieve Qwest of a $56 million obligation to the local transit system

-- lecturing the Poulsbo City Council on why publicly-owned fiber networks were a bad idea (PDF download); Davis argued instead that they should be "helping to relieve unnecessary state and local regulations for private providers" which "would be a great help to the industry."

Here's one resident's opinion (see the March 10 entry) of what Ms. Davis has been telling his community.

I think maybe Annie Collins from the Tri-City Broadband Coalition should go talk to some of these same groups!

I'm not sure Ms. Davis, also managing partner of "The Simeon Partnership" has ever met a publicly-owned utility she's ever liked, having lobbied against publicly owned power companies from Bonneville Power to small municipal utilities in Nebraska on behalf of clients such as investor-owned power utilities and large telephone companies.


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