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Tuesday, July 29, 2003


Business Week articles on Verizon's FTTP plans

Business Week articles on Verizon's FTTP plans

The latest edition of Business Week magazine is devoting substantial coverage to Verizon's announced plans to roll out FTTP (fiber to the premises).

"Verizon’s Daring Vision" Editorial (accessible to subscribers only?)

"Online Extra: Creating a Verizon 'Built to Last'"
"Looking ahead, CEO Ivan Seidenberg says telecom will morph into a broadband industry that will change a lot of things."

"Verizon’s Gutsy Bet"
"Will its massive rollout of fiber-optic cable -- right to customers' homes and offices -- keep it ahead of the pack?"

One interesting quote from the article about Verizon's outside plant: "Verizon has a card up its sleeve. About 45% of its customers are wired via telephone poles and other above-ground connections, according to Verizon Chief Technology Officer Mark Wegleitner. That's compared to 32% for BellSouth, 28% for SBC, and 13% for Qwest. Why is that key? It's as much as 30% cheaper to upgrade a line on a phone pole than it is to upgrade one buried beneath a sidewalk or someone's lawn."

(Business Week story from Gary Ogden, Micro Network Svc, and Jorge E Ortiz )

Meanwhile, just I after I posted this, I learned Karl Bode (always worth reading) had weighed in with his own opinions, backed up by lots of good links:

"Grain of Salt: Verizon's promises in the fiber age"

"While analysts pontificate over Verizon's impressive numbers for the quarter, insight into the telco's darker side has received little public attention. Despite a long history of broken promises and questionable accounting, many analysts are still overjoyed by Verizon's promises of a fiber loaded future, despite the warnings of critics who have seen this all before." article.


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