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Wednesday, July 09, 2003


Investigator submits report on alleged Zipp network misdeeds

Investigator submits report on alleged Zipp network misdeeds

Managers overseeing the Grant County Public Utility District's pioneering FTTH (fiber to the home) network have been under investigation after an anonymous letter to the board accused them of financial improprieties and corruption. Now, the attorney hired to investigate the matter has completed an extensive investigation and turned in 76-page report (not including attachments) that confirms what many thought all along -- there was never much to this "scandal".

"Grant County PUD administrators violated state law in deals made with the Benton REA when Benton became an Internet service provider on the PUD's Zipp fiber network, according to an independent investigator, but any violations were not made with malicious intent ... Austin added that he received full cooperation from all PUD employees and managers, and any violations of the law were made with the best interests of the PUD in mind and not personal gain."

See Erik Olson's article for the full details of what actually happened.


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