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Tuesday, July 29, 2003


"Paris Wi-Fi experiment - not so hot after all"

"Paris Wi-Fi experiment - not so hot after all"

"Unfortunately, according to, only 1,700 people have used network between 1 April 2003 and the end of June."

Esme Vos, the creator of goes on to give some interesting insights into both the trial's experience to date and the future prospects for the system. Her thoughts are well worth reading (and I hope the City of Paris is reading them).


(Link from Jim Baller at the Baller Herbst Law Group)

NPR also just had a piece on the Paris system:

Paris Metro Offers Wireless Internet Zones

"The Paris metro system experiments with wireless technology, creating access points at which anyone with a laptop, PDA or cell phone can access the Internet for free. If successful, the trial could expand to include more metro stops, allowing users to go online from virtually anywhere in the French capital."

Morning Edition link to audio feed.


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