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Friday, July 11, 2003


"Users of Comcast's transition wizard may be exposing private information"

"Users of Comcast's transition wizard may be exposing private information"


" reveals some underhanded tactics used by Comcast to get an agreement signed by readers - embedding it into the "transition wizard," which was used many readers to switch over from the address.

An excerpt:

"Any Comcast user that actually installed the Transition Wizard has given Comcast permission to do the following:"

"arbitrarily open and read your email without your knowledge and/or consent
perform a credit check on you and then share that info with whomever they choose"

"Perform firmware upgrades to your cable modem at their discretion, regardless of who owns it."

"You also agreed not to participate in any future class action suits that may be brought against Comcast for whatever reason."

I could not find the original citation on; if this is true, it's certainly a bit 'over the top' on the part of Comcast's lawyers.


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