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Monday, August 04, 2003


AT&T may finally be getting serious about competing with the Bells

AT&T may finally be getting serious about competing with the Bells

"AT&T today announced it would begin making a massive consumer broadband push in its local markets, bundling Covad’s wholesale DSL lines with local and long-distance voice over the same lines. Eventually, the company will add wireless service to the package ..."

"AT&T has launched the broadband bundle in local markets in New York state and plans to offer it in several more of a 13-state local footprint by the end of the year. While AT&T previously offered DSL services through Covad, the broadband option is independent of its other voice and wireless services, and AT&T has done little to market it in the past. An AT&T spokesman said the carrier was waiting for its local services to reach a critical mass of markets, which makes introducing line-sharing economical. Until then AT&T decided to keep the services separate, offering Covad DSL independent of its voice services ..."

Then again, maybe they're not ...



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