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Monday, August 18, 2003


Blackout 2003: "We dodged a bullet"

Blackout 2003: "We dodged a bullet:"

Eastern Connecticut: "Local utilities' moves averted outages here"
" ... while people in southwestern Connecticut lit candles and replaced batteries in flashlights overnight, eastern Connecticut remained mostly unscathed during the largest blackout in U.S. history."

"Virginia spared outage by isolation from grid"
"Virginia was spared from Thursday's cascading blackout largely because a huge mid-Atlantic grid, which state regulators have been hesitant to let the state's biggest utilities join, did its job. The power cooperative stretching from Virginia to Ohio isolated its transmission systems from the failing ones."

"Officials running the grid, PJM Interconnection, aren't completely sure why their safeguard worked, while the same process didn't succeed in neighboring regions. Because PJM was able to contain the problem, Virginia utilities were shielded from the electric overload that triggered power plants in the North to automatically shut down."

Southern and Central Ohio:"AEP: Shut-Off System Kept Customers' Lights On"
"The utility just south of the blackout in Ohio says its automatic shut-off systems kept the nation's massive power failure from spreading to its customers. "


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