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Sunday, August 03, 2003


An interesting article by XCHANGE looking at the cable companies efforts to offer a 'triple play'

An interesting article by XCHANGE looking at the cable companies efforts to offer a 'triple play'

In addition to the two articles about the Bells I cited a few minutes ago, XCHANGE also has an interesting piece about the cable TV operators to offer a "triple play" of voice, data and video. The voice part has been delayed as the large operators (MSOs - multiple system operators) rush to roll-out video on demand services to compete with satellite video.

Cable’s Triple Crown Bundle"

This is the first non-cable industry publication I've seen that really spells out what's driving the MSOs to invest so heavily in new services rather than milk their cash cows as they are. The fact is, the MSOs will continue losing customers to satellite video until they can offer compelling services satellite operators can't really match very well -- voice, video, data. Bundling it all together makes it for even "stickier" customer retention.

The article also lists each large MSO's voice initiatives.

The speed and resourcefulness with which the MSOs are responding to the competition from satellites is in marked contrast to the Bells' reaction so far to the threat they're facing from cable.


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