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Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Key FCC broadband rules expected soon

"After six long months of waiting, the Federal Communications Commission is poised to release controversial rules that many believe will shape the future of the broadband and telecommunications business. In February, the FCC released a bare outline of its vision for the future of the high-speed Net market, as part of a sweeping review of regulations governing competition across the phone industry. Exposing deep-seated divisions within the agency, commissioners split on a host of issues, leaving many companies unsure exactly what was coming."

"On Monday, Commission Chairman Michael Powell at last indicated that the details of the decision would likely come this week, possibly Thursday."

The release of these rules is way overdue, probably reflecting both the complexity of subject and the divisions among the 5 commissioners. Although the broad outline of policy was established six months ago, the "devil is in the details", which should hopefully become clear tomorrow.



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