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Tuesday, August 05, 2003


New Zealand: Local government invests power system profits in district-wide wireless access

New Zealand: Local government invests power system profits in district-wide wireless access

Two recent articles of note from the New Zealand Herald:

"Council budgets $1m for Wi-Fi service
"The South Waikato District Council will spend up to $1 million on a joint venture with Rural Networks to introduce a Wi-Fi (802.11b) wireless internet service in the region."

"Still waiting for ubiquitous Wi-Fi to deliver "
"For a technology so full of promise, you have to wonder why Wi-Fi hasn't really delivered. It's cheap, available from multiple vendors, easy to install, and able to quickly send large amounts of data over long distances using open "public park" spectrum. And there's been plenty of time to iron out all the bugs from the wireless standard, also known as 802.11."

This long article, notwithstanding its initial skeptical tone, goes on to describe several successful wireless projects.


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