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Friday, August 01, 2003


Update your Windows software now; massive hacker attack eminent

Update your Windows software now; massive hacker attack eminent

"Government and industry experts consider brewing hacker activity a precursor to a broad Internet attack that would target enormous numbers of computers vulnerable from a flaw in Windows software from Microsoft Corp ... Experts described an unusual confluence of conditions that heighten prospects for a serious disruption soon. They cite the high numbers of potential victims and increasingly sophisticated attack tools already tested successfully by hackers in recent days ..."

"Experts advised computer users with renewed urgency to apply a free repairing patch that Microsoft has offered on its Web site since July 16, when it acknowledged that the flaw affected nearly all versions of its flagship Windows operating system software ..."

"said a disruption could be worse by orders of magnitude than previous high-profile attacks — such as the summer 2001 outbreak of the "Code Red" virus — because of the numbers of vulnerable systems ..."

"Applying Microsoft's repairing patch takes a few moments for home users but is a more daunting challenge for large corporations with tens of thousands of Windows computers ..."

The article has links to Microsoft and to various government and industry security sites.


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