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Tuesday, September 09, 2003


From the Financial Times: "Phone throwing"

"While the world's top track-and-field athletes gathered in Paris for the start of the world championships, 89 lesser-known competitors from nine countries spent their weekend throwing mobile phones in Savonlinna, south-east Finland."

"Qualification for the event consisted not of heats but explaining why they were unhappy enough with their mobile phone to want to throw it as far as possible."

"Disappointingly, the woes of the telecommunications industry didn't prompt any frustrated chief executive to take part. And in Nokia's homeland, the winner of the event - with a throw of 66.62m, just 10cm short of the world record (yes, there is one) - was, of course, a Finn."

I will not mention which irate Fiber Planners principal has thrown two cell phones out the car window. She would have beaten the Finns ...

(Link from Geoff Goodfellow via his weblog [])


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