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Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Kansas: Pratt deploys wireless cops to monitor wireless surveillance cameras

"Pratt police officers to use remote camera system"
"PRATT (AP) -- Police officers in this south-central Kansas town plan use a wireless remote camera system to monitor potential trouble spots from headquarters and patrol cars. The miniature portable cameras, linked to a wireless broadband system, will be placed in multiple locations, ranging from banks to parks and alleys, said Pratt Police Chief Lonnie McCollum."

"The system will allow patrol officers to see inside a bank if they receive an alarm and to access the views from cameras already in place in some stores, McCollum said."

"'We're not limited to anything -- anywhere we want to put a camera,' said Capt. Steve Holmes, who has directed the four-year federal matching grant project, now in its third year. The total cost of the system is expected to reach $225,000. The cameras will free up man hours involved in staking out suspected narcotics locations and reviewing the tapes from those stakeouts, Holmes said."

"The Pratt Police Department is one of the first in Kansas to install the system, which functions through a 2.4-gigabyte wireless network that covers approximately 10 square miles using a series of six towers, Holmes said. The system also provides high-speed Internet access in patrol cars."


Given the notorious insecurity of some wireless data systems, it will be interesting to see if the hackers from Tuscaloosa (see below) find a way into this system ...


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