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Tuesday, September 09, 2003


The latest issue of FTTX E-zine "In the Loop" is now on-line ...

... and worth the read.

Here are this month's articles:
  • "Rights of Way: We bring back Brian Grogan from a previous issue to advise local municipalities on managing their rights-of-way."
  • "Small Packages: Why dig new trenches when you might be able to squeeze into existing spaces in ducts that are already in place?"
  • "Groovy Installs: New installation technologies cut grooves in road surfaces rather than dig trenches. Saves time and money… which is always good news!"
  • "Intelligent Tools: Better plan ahead regarding how you’re going to manage your slick new network. Intelligent and integrated tools help service providers gain the edge on customer service."

I strongly recommend downloading "In the Loop" if you are active in FTTX.


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