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Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Mississippi's MEGAPOP program

From the MEGAPOP web site:

"MEGAPOP, Mississippi Economic Growth Alliance and Point of Presence, is an alliance of interested parties created to facilitate improved broadband access and education. It is a non-profit corporation that will reinvest any profits into education and “last mile” rural access. The alliance will install a broadband backbone for high-speed, affordable connectivity to the Internet. MEGAPOP’s role is to create the opportunity for Northeast Mississippi to receive high speed Internet service before unrecoverable economic damage is done."

"The MEGAPOP will provide access to a redundant fiber backbone using existing dark fiber that will be lit by the MEGAPOP. Municipalities, rural power cooperatives, communications services and Internet service providers (ISPs) will purchase access from the MEGAPOP at reduced rates with the agreement that they will pass cost savings on to the end users. Municipalities and rural power cooperatives have the ability to build local high capacity community networks in conjunction with the ISP’s for last mile service. Through innovation public/private partnerships, positive cash flow will be generated for both municipalities and cooperative and give smaller, capital strapped ISP’s access to a state-of-the-art fiber network."

Jim Baller passed along a link to a story about Oxford, Mississippi's application for a $525,000 MEGAPOP grant.


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