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Monday, October 13, 2003


DSL Prime this week -- burning bridges at the FCC

Dave Burstein writes:

"What's burning D.C."
"People put their careers on the line to get fiber builds excluded from unbundling requirements, and also included the data part of the loop on 20M or so DLC "packet-fed" homes. On those 20M, AT&T and others would still have access to 64K of voice data as a UNE-P. Now, the bells want to break that deal, and exclude voice from those 20M from unbundling. They call it a "clarification." The FCC folks are outraged - especially because BellSouth and SBC capex projections make it clear they don't intend a big fiber build anyway."

"'So what the heck are they doing coming back now and asking us to give them a voice monopoly on the old DLC lines as well? Especially because most of them aren't putting in any new fiber anyway, after telling us they would if we gave them the rule change.' is a typical comment."

This is just an excerpt; the entire newsletter is worth reading for anyone interested in what's going on with broadband at the Bells. (I just wish the CIA had as many moles in North Korea as Dave Burstein's got within both the Bells and the supplier community.)


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