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Wednesday, October 01, 2003


"Telcos wary of profit-less wireless"

"Tech-burned companies careful on Wi-Fi Net access"

September 12, 2003 -- "'Wi-Fi,' the fast wireless way to use the Internet, is everywhere. Thousands of consumers have installed it at home. Starbucks and McDonald's are rolling it out. Hotels and airports are tuning in. Even the Federal Communications Commission, the nation's regulatory guardian, offers a free Wi-Fi connection at its headquarters. "

"Yet for all the buzz generated by Wi-Fi, the industry can ill-afford another headlong rush into the latest technological fad. Telecom companies spent wildly on new technologies in the late 1990s, but most failed to deliver big profits. Hundreds of firms went belly up during the ensuing industry meltdown. "

"'The business case -- in terms of being profitable -- is not at all certain,' said Jane Zweig, chief executive of The Shosteck Group, a wireless research firm."


10/2/03 update: I fixed the formerly faulty link above and it now links properly to the entire article


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