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Monday, October 13, 2003


Washington Post: "Intel Chairman Says U.S. Is Losing Edge"

"Andrew S. Grove, co-founder and chairman of Intel Corp., said the nation's high-tech industries are threatened by the growth of overseas outsourcing."

"One of the founding fathers of the nation's high-technology industry warned in dire terms yesterday that U.S. dominance in key tech sectors is in jeopardy, threatening the country's economic recovery and growth. Speaking via satellite to a global technology summit in Washington, Intel Corp. co-founder and chairman Andrew S. Grove said that the software and technology service businesses are under siege by countries taking advantage of cheap labor costs and strong incentives for new financial investment."

"'I'm here to be the skunk at your garden party,' Grove said, noting wryly that his remarks coincidentally fell on the same day as one devoted to promoting nationwide screening for depression. Grove, 67, singled out China and India as key threats. India's booming software industry, which is increasingly doing work for U.S. companies, could surpass the United States in software and tech-service jobs by 2010, he said. More ominously, Grove said, the software and services industries -- strong drivers of U.S. economic growth for nearly two decades -- show signs of emulating the struggles of the U.S. steel and semiconductor industries."


(Link from Dewayne Hendricks via his Dewayne-Net mailing list)


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