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Thursday, November 13, 2003


Australian incumbent telco vows to eliminate all copper within 15 years

In the U.S., the Bells are clinging to POTS (plain old telephone service) and their elderly copper networks like precious jewels. To them, DSL (digital subscriber line) service is an even more precious, expensive offering to be served up gradually and slowly (I'm 3 miles from a central office and still waiting for it where I live.) Fiber, as noted previously, is primarily something to dangle before regulators and legislators when trying to eliminate competition.

In Australia, however, their counterpart Telstra has told the Australian Senate they intend to replace 100% of their copper network with fiber within 15 years, bluntly describing their copper lines as "five minutes to midnight""

Telstra's representative went on to describe their DSL offering this way:
"He said ADSL, the high-speed internet service that runs over copper wires, was the bridging broadband technology Telstra was using until it replaced the network. He described ADSL as the 'last sweat' of revenue Telstra could wring out of the 100-year-old copper wire network."

We could use this candor about DSL and unshielded copper twist pairs in this country.


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