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Friday, November 07, 2003


Fiber optics industry: "Long Haul Has a Pulse"

Light Reading has an article pointing out a slight increase in demand for optical components for long haul fiber optic applications. This comes in the middle of a long haul fiber glut that's caused an industry recession so deep and long that some have called it a "nuclear winter".

We're not surprised by the slight upturn. While there is an overall fiber glut, it's inconsistently distributed, with many bottlenecks, especially in metro and local access applications. Meanwhile, bandwidth demand is growing every month. Even in the seemingly underutilized long haul core, increased bandwidth demand is leading to the occasional long haul bandwidth bottleneck, causing carriers to light dark fibers or activate previously unused wavelengths on working fibers.

Most telling is the article's note that one area of increased long haul activity is in Japan, where FTTH (fiber to the home) is being actively deployed.

In the U.S., when and if Americans can get true broadband and not just "fraudband over twisted pair", we'll see the long haul fiber glut start to work itself out.


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