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Tuesday, November 04, 2003


San Francisco: If you're digging up streets for sewers, why not add broadband?

"Promoting 'a menu of options instead of the cartel of Comcast,' Supervisor Tom Ammiano ... called for study on whether The City should create its own network for broadband video, voice and data."

"San Francisco is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to place a new sewer system throughout The City over the next several years while creating a window of opportunity for other infrastructure improvements -- including making San Francisco a world leader in broadband technology. The proposal could open up a range of phone, cable TV and Internet service options."

"'It's time to take this very important first step,' Ammiano said. The proposed study could take up to a year and would examine all aspects of installing fiber optic lines in conjunction with the sewer work. Ammiano envisions financing for the project that would not rely on city discretionary dollars or taxpayers and hopes to recoup costs by leasing broadband space to service providers."

"The supervisor is closely watching the progress of the Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency, slated to begin building a multi-city network in January. That project is financed by revenue bonds."



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