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Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Finland: Town of Narpio adding wireless broadband to existing fiber network

"Dynamo Net is a company owned by the city of Narpes, Finland. Dynamo Net was established to run a data communication network in Narpes. The goal is to make the whole Narpes attractive in the sense of data communications. In 2003 and 2004 Dynamo Net is establishing a core network based on optical fiber. The core network will make fast connections within Narpes possible. The wireless access network was started during fall 2003 will enable citizens and companies to connect to the core network. Dynamo Net is an "Open Access Network" where all interested service providers can sell their services."

"'We are investing in the community telecommunications infrastructure, because it will help Narpes business owners and entrepreneurs offer their services to a regional and even global level,' said Andreas Ek, CEO of Dynamo Net. The project is being financed by the European Union, which has also received applications for similar telecommunications funding projects in other towns in Finland. The 25-year loans are aimed at providing incentives for firms to deploy broadband connectivity in underserved communities."

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