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Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Lots of wireless broadband news from Esme Vos'

Esme Vos does a great job of covering community wireless broadband projects around the world on her site. Just as valuable as Esme's passing along the news is her analysis of industry trends -- her site is a weekly must-read. I've been remiss in linking to her recent articles, so here's a look at just a few of the six weeks' articles of note:

"County-wide Wi-Fi in Georgia coming soon?" A profile of Houston County's network

"Linden, Texas gets municipal-wide mesh network"

"Cerritos, California gets city-wide wireless network"

"Wi-Fi hotzone in downtown Eindhoven [Holland]"

"Brussels to provide city-wide Wi-Fi access"

"Ten technologies to watch"

"France is way behind in Wi-Fi"

"Bhutan gets wireless and VoIP - full report"

"Police in Aurora, Colorado on Wi-Fi"

"Public Wi-Fi unprofitable until 2008"

"Nevada, Missouri gets muni wireless broadband network"

"If Wi-Fi is hot, where are the users?"

"Wi-Fi for low-income neighborhoods"

"Fredericton (Canada) launches municipal-wide free wireless network"

"York County, Pennsylvania to deploy huge wireless broadband network"


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