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Wednesday, December 03, 2003


More on last night's City Council meeting in Provo, Utah

Jim Baller just sent me a link to a compelling blog post by Phil Windley describing the Provo, Utah City Council meeting last night at which the Council voted 6 to 1 to seek have bonding information prepared for a probable approval at their January 20 meeting. The bond issue would finance construction of the municipal power utility's iProvo FTTH (fiber to the home) network.

Several items in particular caught my eye:

1. The city's backing of a bond issue makes the difference between a 6% interest rate and a 12% rate.

2. Paul Venturella's comparison of two cities in Iowa: "Two side-by-side cities that are largely the same except that Cedar Falls has a municipal network. The industrial park in Cedar Falls has more than 10 times the number of businesses as a similar set of park in Waterloo. Based on quotes from people in Waterloo, they clearly believe that the network is what made the difference."

3. Phil Windley's own testimony comparing the iProvo project to development of public power utilities decades ago.


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