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Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Washington: Grant County PUD general manager resigns, 2 subordinates face disciplinary proceedings

Don Godard, Grant County Public Utility District's general manager, resigned this week in the wake of controversy surrounding contracting irregularities associated with the PUD's Zipp FTTH (fiber to the home) project. Two other employees are on paid administrative leave pending disciplinary hearings.

"'Because I care deeply about the future success of the PUD and the people who work there,' Godard said, 'I am leaving Grant PUD in hopes that it may have a fresh start.'"

(As we've noted before, these irregularities were technical violations of state regulations committed in the interest of saving the PUD money, not lining the pockets of either PUD employees or contractors.)

This project has been dogged by a group of PUD critics implacably opposed to the FTTH project. Unable to stop the project, they have instead fiercely attacked every aspect of the project's manager as well as the key employees associated with the project. Now that Godard has left, they are saying his resignation is not enough and they are trying to find additional ways to punish him.

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