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Friday, January 30, 2004


America's Network: "Fueling the fiber"

"The Bells forge ahead with their FTTP plans - but what systems will they put in place to run their next-gen networks?"

Shira Levine with America's Network looks at the OSS (operations support systems) issues the Bells face in deploying FTTP (fiber to the premises) and how the Bells think they will address them.

I've noted before that the complexity of the decades-old OSS software systems the Bells use could pose large obstacles for them in deploying FTTP, especially when they begin offering content, such as VoD (video on demand). I worked on an attempt to bring a then-new remote fiber fault location technology into the Bells in the early 90's. We had working, stand-alone systems at other telecommunications carrier. We found that the investment necessary just to meet their 'OSMINE' requirements for certifying our product's ability to communicate with their OSSs far exceeded the funds we had spent to actually develop the products.


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