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Friday, January 02, 2004


BellSouth to conduct FTTP field trials in second half of 2004

An article on the 3 largest Bells' ("The Three Amigos") FTTP (fiber to the premises) reports BellSouth will conduct FTTP trials in the second half of this year; BellSouth did not comment on any FTTP deployment plans beyond that.

"Since starting initial work on the joint RFP in February, the companies have learned four key things, said [Verizon's] Wegleitner. 'We are absolutely certain that the supplier community is fully engaged,' he said. The products meeting the RBOC threesome’s basic requirements are available for deployment. As was expected, further development is required on operational support, ONT powering options and RF adapters related to FTTP, he said. And the RBOCs now have a better understanding of the economics of deploying FTTP."


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