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Friday, January 02, 2004


Excellent report on BPL's legal status in the U.S.

A 62-page draft article on BPL (broadband over power line) regulation prepared for Winter 2004 issue of the Virginia Journal of Law and Technology has been filed with the FCC in connection with their inquiry into BPL technology. The authors are an attorney with FERC (the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and a professor with George Washington University's School of Engineering and Applied Science. This is an excellent technical and legal overview of the issues associated with regulating potential electromagnetic interference from BPL systems. In particular, the authors carefully look a the widely conflicting claims and tests submitted by both BPL advocates and opponents.

Some other items I gleaned from the report that I had not heard before:
  • Cinergy plans to pass 250,000 homes with BPL within 3 years.
  • FCC had hoped to take the next step — probably a Notice of Proposed Rule Making — by the end of March. (I don't know if they're still on that schedule).
  • The federal NTIA had hoped to have results of its' testing ready by the end of 2003.
  • Hawaiian Electric also has trials underway.


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