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Wednesday, January 14, 2004


FCC Chairman Powell's comments today on BPL

Federal Communications Commission Chairman spoke today to the National Press Club. (His speech is available on line in audio or video form at C-SPAN's web site.)

Powell spoke very positively about the FCC's desire to support BPL (broadband over power line) deployment while protecting spectrum users from interference. (For those watching the C-SPAN feed over the Internet, these comments are about 30 minutes into Chairman Powell's remarks.)

Although there was excitement over a Powell "endorsement" on a message board for traders in one BPL vendor's stock, Powell's comments did not sound very decisive one way or the other to me in terms of the current dispute between BPL proponents and opponents over interference issues. (Maybe others with ears more closely tuned to FCC "regulatory-speak" will have a different opinion.)

Powell also spoke on a range of other issues facing the FCC, from VoIP (Voice over IP) to broadband regulation.


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