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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


"Last Mile Networks" and Whatcom County PUD

A new web site named Last Mile Networks and 'Dedicated to Community Fiber Optic Assets' has been launched; by whom is unclear.

The home page has the following notice on it:
"Alert January 26th 2004: The Whatcom County Public Utility District #1's fiber optic network is under intense pressures by private interest attempting to monopolize the local communications market and destroy the PUD's infrastructure. Responses are needed immediately..."

"... The PUD needs to hear your comments if you are in support of community access fiber optic facilities in the area. The PUD is being threatened by several companies that hope to monopolize the local communications market. The network has expanded, reached a break even level and is the future for schools, communities and businesses alike.

Whatcom County PUD is based in the Bellingham, Washington area. The last Mile Networks site says that the PUD was to have had a meeting last night to discuss disposing of the network, disbanding its' operation and selling the pieces to the highest bidders. The site notes that the fiber network is operating at break-even now with good upside potential for the future.

The site also gives a history of the PUD's InfiNET fiber network; apparently the PUD went through several different business models for the network over time before settling on being a dark fiber utility.

CSS Integration & Communications, one of the CLECs using the network, has link to the Last Mile Networks web site; I don't know if they're helping to sponsor it or not.

As I learn more I'll post it to the blog.


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