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Thursday, January 29, 2004


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial: 'Brouhaha over broadband'

"We agree with those who argue that private firms should be the preferred providers of telecommunications services. But when private companies show no interest in providing such services to rural areas, we see nothing wrong with local governments' picking up the slack. After all, it's in the interest of consumers, taxpayers and government to make sure that their communities have access to the latest technology."

"So we're not entirely sure why some legislators in Madison are trying to make it more difficult for communities to offer telecom services. Proposed legislation would require local governments to jump through a series of hoops that local officials say would make it nearly impossible for them to provide cable, telephone and broadband service."

A separate article gives more details on proposed the proposed anti-competition, anti-municipal legislation.

(Link from Jim Baller at the Baller Herbst Law Group via his mailing list)


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