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Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Ohio: City of Hamilton signs contract for construction of a 50 mile municipal backbone

In Ohio, the City of Hamilton has signed a contract for construction of a 50 mile municipal backbone that will link 40 different government facilities. The City will also make fibers available to the surrounding Butler County, which is also developing its' own fiber network.
"The fiber network will 'eliminate leased phone lines (the city) currently has with Cincinnati Bell and improve the reliability and efficiency of the city’s operations' said Charles Young, assistant electric administrator with Hamilton. 'It will enable us to do things that we are either unable to do now or have difficulty doing.'"

"The city will see an annual savings once it eliminates the leased phone lines, said Hamilton City Councilman James Noonan. 'The big thing with this first leg is to assist our utilities — to monitor the sub-stations throughout the city, which will save about $150,000 a year in telephone lines we are leasing' Noonan said. 'Basically, what we’re doing right now is the footer. Without this backbone, nothing else can happen.'"

Meanwhile, nearby Miami University announced that it will be tying its three campuses together using Butler County's fiber network.


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