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Friday, January 16, 2004


Power line broadband patents

Here are some patents related to power line communications issued by the U.S. Patent Office:

5684450, Electricity distribution and/or power transmission network and filter for telecommunication over power lines
assignee: Norweb

5847447, Capacitively coupled bi-directional data and power transmission system
assignee: Ambient

5864284, Apparatus for coupling radio-frequency signals to and from a cable of a power distribution network
assignee: Sanderson (PowerComm)

5929750, Transmission network and filter therefore
assignee: Norweb

5933071, Electricity distribution and/or power transmission network and filter for telecommunication over power lines
assignee: Norweb

5949327, Coupling of telecommunications signals to a balanced power distribution network
assignee: Norweb

5952914, Power line communication systems
assignee: AT&T

5982276, Magnetic field based power transmission line communication method and system
assignee: Media Fusion Corp

6040759, Communication system for providing broadband data services using a high-voltage cable of a power system
inventor: Sanderson (PowerComm)

6137412, Marker for use in an electronic article surveillance system
assignee: Vacuumschmelze GmbH

6141634, AC power line network simulator
assignee: IBM

6144292, Powerline communications network employing TDMA, FDMA and/or CDMA
assignee: Norweb

6157292, Power distribution grid communication system
assignee: Digital Security Controls Ltd.

6172597, Electricity distribution and/or power transmission network and filter for telecommunication over power lines
assignee: Norweb

6282405, Hybrid electricity and telecommunications distribution network
assignee: Norweb

6297729, Method and apparatus for securing communications along ac power lines
assignee: IBM

6297730, Signal connection device for a power line telecommunication system
assignee: Norweb

6317031, Power line communications
assignee: Nortel

6331814, Adapter device for the transmission of digital data over an AC power line
assignee: IBM (France)

6396392, High frequency network communications over various lines
assignee: Wire21, Inc.

6396393, Transmitting device, receiving device, and receiving method
assignee: Sony

6404773, Carrying speech-band signals over a power line communications system
assignee: Nortel Networks Limited

6417762, Power line communication system using anti-resonance isolation and virtual earth ground signaling
assignee: Comcircuits

6449318, Variable low frequency offset, differential, OOK, high-speed twisted pair communication
assignee: TeleNetwork, Inc.

6452482, Inductive coupling of a data signal to a power transmission cable
assignee: Ambient

6492897, System for coupling wireless signals to and from a power transmission line communication system
inventor: Mowery

6496104, System and method for communication via power lines using ultra-short pulses
assignee: Current Technologies

6507573, Data transfer method and system in low voltage networks
assignee: Frank Brandt and Frank Lukanek

6515485, Method and system for power line impedance detection and automatic impedance matching
assignee: Phonex Broadband Corporation

6522626, Power line communications system and method of operation thereof
assignee: Nortel

6549120, Device for sending and receiving data through power distribution transformers
assignee: Kinectrics Inc.

6590493, System, device, and method for isolating signaling environments in a power line communication system
assignee: Nortel

6646447, Identifying one of a plurality of wires of a power transmission cable
assignee: Ambient

Comments: Assignees are shown where listed in the patent records, otherwise the inventors are listed. If the inventor has a corporate affiliation, I've shown it. Assignee names shown may not reflect the current ownership of the patents.


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