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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Utah: Provo residents debate iProvo project in advance of City Council decision

In Utah, the Provo City Council is expected to vote tonight on a proposed bond issue to fund construction of the proposed iProvo municipal FTTH (fiber to the home) network. In advance of this, the local newspaper has run a series of editorials, articles, guest columns and letters on the issue:

"City to vote on financing for iProvo project"
Newspaper article describes the bond-financing for the project and also quotes municipal broadband attorney and expert Jim Baller, who points out that similar projects in Dalton and Bristol are proving to be very successful.

"Residents must weigh in on telecom project"
Councilwoman Midge Johnson asks residents to make their views known.

"iProvo is a long stretch"
The Provo newspaper endorses the iProvo concept but thinks 20 years is too long a pay-back period, comparing it to UTOPIA's projected 7 year payback. My own assessment is that the iProvo project's projections are extremely conservative.

"iProvo benefits far outweigh potential risks"
Letters to the editor -- 5 pro, 2 con. The City Finance Director writes in to endorse the proposal.

"Let private enterprise run telecommunication system"

"City stands to benefit from iProvo network"
Councilman Paul Warner writes in support of the network.

"More to technology advance than quick profits"

"Voting no on iProvo bond may cost residents"
One Illinois Tri-Cities resident notes that after voters there turned down a similar system, the incumbent cable raised rates almost 30% and dropped 24 channels of basic cable.

"Just say 'yes' to iProvo"
A Provo telecom task-force member gives the reasons his group ultimately settled on the need for iprovo

"Fiber optic network will aid Provo business, residents"
The Executive Director of The Downtown Business Alliance of Provo writes in support of iProvo

"Tax watchdog's pamphlet exercise in scare tactics"
One resident writes in to critique the anti-iProvo brochures mailed to every city resident by the "Utah Taxpayers Association", describing it as "filled mainly with rhetoric telling us what to think rather than an honest assessment of the pros and cons of the Provo fiber-optic project" and "shrill, inaccurate, [and] rhetoric-filled".

"City should only do what others can't"
Several Brigham Young University professors write in opposition to the project

"Potential benefits far outweigh risks"
The Rivergrove Neighborhood chairman explains his support for the project.

"Leave fiber-optic networks to private sector"
A resident writes to express opposition

"IProvo has potential benefits for residents, businesses"
An iProvo Task Force Member explains how his group came to support the current proposal


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