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Wednesday, February 25, 2004


California: City of Corona installing fiber optic traffic monitoring and control system

The City of Corona, California is installing a fiber optic intelligent traffic system (ITS):
"The advanced traffic management system, which will be housed in the new City Hall, will rely on fiber optic cables, computerized controllers and cameras to monitor traffic conditions and program signals to adjust to volumes. Rafael Martinez, associate traffic engineer, said the computerized controllers will send data on the speed, volume and patterns of cars traveling city streets through the 16.7 miles of fiber optic cables to the traffic management center. Employees operating the system can either make adjustments to increases or decreases in traffic or let the computer implement a pre-programmed plan to adapt to the changes, he said."

"The system will use nine cameras to monitor traffic and three message signs to warn drivers of traffic snags and encourage alternate routes. It also will be connected to the Internet so that residents can check traffic conditions."

"Rusty Beardsley, traffic engineer, said the key to the system is that it will be connected to Caltrans' system. Caltrans controls the signals that are tied to freeway access, something many drivers in the city don't realize, Beardsley said. Caltrans controls the signals that are tied to freeway access, something many drivers in the city don't realize, Beardsley said. The city and the agency have been working together to get the two systems coordinating better, especially if there is a freeway accident or some other incident out of the norm, he said."


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