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Monday, February 02, 2004


California: Pasadena City Council votes to stay out of the cable TV business for now

In California, the Pasadena Star News reports that the local City Council has voted not to enter the cable television business by buying one of the city's existing systems -- for now:
"The city has ended its flirtation with buying the ailing Altrio Communications cable television system, deciding it would be too costly to compete with offers from companies already in the business. City officials started looking at whether it would be feasible to buy and run a cable service after Altrio announced in December that it no longer had enough money to continue operations. Councilman Chris Holden led the effort, saying the city could use Pasadena Water & Power. He has been a champion of expanding city operations, as well as for fostering competition in the cable market to lower prices and raise the quality of service."

The Council remains interested in having cable TV competition, however:
"But if Altrio fails to find a buyer and is put back on the market, Pasadena officials said they might take another look at buying the company. 'If it looked like we were going to be back in a single-provider market,' said Councilman Paul Little, 'the willingness of the city to invest may be significantly enhanced.'"

(Link from Jim Baller at the Baller Herbst Law Group via his mailing list)


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