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Monday, February 09, 2004


Ontario, Canada: Telecom Ottawa launches municipal Wi-Fi trial

"Telecom Ottawa Limited, a broadband data utility and Internet services provider operating in Eastern Ontario, Canada has launched a municipal Wi-Fi service trial in the City of Ottawa using the BelAir Networks cellular LAN architecture. The trial involves deployment of BelAir200 wireless internetworking nodes to provide Wi-Fi service in the common areas and meeting rooms at Ottawa City Hall and in the public areas of the Nepean Sportsplex, a sports and recreation facility. These deployments will allow visitors to use standard Wi-Fi-enabled hardware such as laptops and PDAs to wirelessly access the Internet for e-mail, web surfing, virtual private networks for corporate access, file transfer and instant messaging. 'When you combine Wi-Fi technology like that developed by BelAir Networks with a fiber backbone of the kind employed by Telecom Ottawa, you suddenly have very cost-effective access technology for providing high-speed wireless Internet service at the municipal level," said Dave Dobbin, Chief Operating Officer, Telecom Ottawa.'" "

Telecom Ottawa is owned by municipal power utility Hydro Ottawa.

Esme Vos' MuniWireless also has an article on Telecom Ottawa's announcement.


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