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Monday, February 02, 2004


Utah: The Spectrum reports on legislative attempts to kill UTOPIA FTTH project

The Spectrum reports on Cedar City state Senator Bill Hickman's attempt to introduce Qwest's bill to effectively kill the multi-city UTOPIA FTTH (fiber to the home) project (and his own town's attempts to offer high speed broadband services). The Spectrum also has an editorial on the subject.

Cedar City and the entire southwest Utah area have been starved for bandwidth for years. Unlike most other telcos that build redundancy into their networks, Qwest never even bothered to build any redundant link to this entire part of the state.

KSL-TV also has a report on the bill. UTOPIA's assistant director, Roger Black, is quoted as saying UTOPIA would need to sign up about one third of the eligible homes within seven years in order to break even. That's a very reachable number; most municipal broadband systems end up signing up a higher percentage.


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