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Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Utah: Orem votes unanimously to back UTOPIA

Orem, Utah's City Council voted unanimously to back the city's participation in UTOPIA

Orem is the third largest city in the project.
"Orem Mayor Jerry Washburn and all six council members are optimistic about the network's prospects for success. Forsyth said if Comcast and Qwest had stepped up to provide the technology and level of service residents need, the council would not be having the discussion. Instead of helping residents, other council members added, Qwest and Comcast were more interested in protecting their monopoly and perceived substandard service from competition.

Most residents, who milled around almost six hours at Wednesday night's meeting, expressed similar sentiments. "'Pigs get fat; hogs get slaughtered,' Orem resident Tim Clawson said. 'I'm afraid it's time these hogs are going to get slaughtered.'

UTOPIA foes, however, will have one more stab at dissuading boosters from backing the network. Once the actual funding plan for the network is ready, Orem leaders will hold one more public hearing and vote whether to give their final approval."

The Daily Herald's Grace Leong also has a good article on the vote.


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