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Friday, April 09, 2004


Israeli test confirms data transfer by pigeons is faster than DSL

... will the Salt Lake Tribune recommend it next as an alternative to UTOPIA?
Israel21c reports on a new form of wireless:
" A group of Israeli Internet enthusiasts have proven that good old fashioned pigeons transfer information faster than broadband ADSL - and it's not an April Fools joke. In mid-March, the inquisitive group met near the Sea of Galilee to witness a live test sending 3 homing pigeons a 66 mile distance each carrying tiny memory cards containing, in total, 4 GB of data. The purpose of the test was to validate a proof-of-concept for pigeon-empowered internet, and to measure and establish that the usage of pigeons enable to transfer data faster than ADSL ... The TCP (Transmission by Carrier Pigeons) was carried wirelessly, in three packets, each consist of 1.3 GB, delivered by a different pigeon ... the time of the transmission was measured by the last pigeon to arrive; the data contained in the memory cards was available and readable at the destination. No external sources of energy, such as batteries or electrical extension cord were used."

Ami Ben-Bassat has a lot more information in his blog. Apparently the story was also picked up by both Dan Gillmor and Slashdot, although I missed it at the time.

The Israeli work confirms an earlier Norwegian experiment; an RFC (Request for Comments) has been filed ("IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service") to define a new protocol.

Adam Gaffin also has a note on "Wi-Fly".


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