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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Rush County, Indiana: "Fiber-versus-wireless debate continues"

April 10, Rushville, Indiana -- "Rush County Fiber Optics Board President Dave Sheets informed the Rush County Commissioners Monday that 'there is a ton of fiber (optic lines) currently in the county. However, the average business, the city, or private end-users do not have access to it.'"

"With that opening line, Sheets then asked the commissioners to reconsider their earlier decision to not allow 'pizza box' antennas to be placed in the clock tower of the Rush County Courthouse."

Fiber vs. wireless? They both have their places, in Fiber Planners' view. Wireless makes sense as a means of bridging the last mile, especially in a city like Rushville that lacks an existing power utility infrastructure that could be used for FTTH (fiber to the home) or BPL (broadband over power line). At the same time, fiber makes for a much better backbone, and, for utilities that can afford to offer FTTH or FTTB (fiber to the business), a much richer service offering.


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