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Monday, April 05, 2004


Salt Lake Tribune suggests BPL as an alternative to UTOPIA FTTH project

The Salt Lake Tribune, implacably opposed to the multi-city UTOPIA (Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency) FTTH (fiber to the home) project, has an article on BPL (broadband over power line). Previously, they've brought up wireless broadband as a possible alternative to FTTH.

Wireless or BPL advocates unfamiliar with the Tribune's UTOPIA coverage should understand that, given their hostility to UTOPIA, I am sure the Tribune would be just as opposed to any similar municipal wireless broadband or BPL project if it really looked like it might get off the ground.

Local TV station KSL, another UTOPIA foe, just ran a "news story" on the project's costs and incumbent Qwest's concerns:
"... part of an organized effort to kill UTOPIA. Qwest, and Comcast are both helping lead the effort, because they say it's expensive, risky, and not needed."

The reporter, Richard Piatt, seems to take this noble sentiment expressed by the incumbents at face value without asking any questions about their real motivations. Even Kent Brockman does a better job with the news than this.


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